Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis is a data collection method that serves the primary purpose of collecting text data for research and analysis, such as thematic analysis.

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Our company is providing the best service for qualitative analysis to our clients. Qualitative Analysis is that in which company takes the response of the people about a particular product or service through its use. Qualitative method is more complex and time consuming. And Qualitative analysis is most trustable method to improve and grow your business.

“Unpacking Qualitative Data Analysis: Methods and Techniques with our best Reseacher”

Individual Interview

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It is one of the most trusted, widely used and well-known qualitative data collection methods, that our company use mainly due to its approach. A one-on-one or face-to-face interview is a direct conversation between our reseachers and our clients with a specific structure and purpose. Individual interviews are an ideal method for qualitative research. Especially when our researchers want highly personalized information from clients. One-on-one interviews are a notable method if the client/interviewer decides to investigate further and ask follow-up questions to gain further insight.

Qualitative Surveys

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In order to form a good hypothesis, our company researchers use qualitative research studies to gather data or gather detailed information about a product of your brand/company or problem that you’re facing. If we are creating a survey to collect text or qualitative data, we ask more open-ended questions.

Unlike other collection methods, online surveys have a wider reach.

  • Paper surveys

    Paper surveys which are frequently used for qualitative data collection from the clients. The survey consists of short text questions, which are often open-ended.

  • Online surveys

    An Online survey or a web survey is prepared using a prominent online survey software and either uploaded on our website or emailed to the selected sample size with the motive of collecting reliable online data.

Focus Group Discussion

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A focus group discussion is also be consider a type of interview, but conducted in a group discussion environment. Focus groups usually consist of 8-10 people (the number depends on the researcher’s needs that we need). Our Researchers ensure that clients are given sufficient space to discuss topics and issues in context. With a focused group discussion, our researchers analyze what clients think of an issue, the range of there opinions expressed, and the ideas discussed to our team. The qualitative data collected through our focused group discussion is more descriptive and highly detailed.


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Ethnography is a type of qualitative research that involves immersing oneself in a particular community or organization to observe their behavior and interactions up close.

  • Ethnographic research by offline method involves observing and interacting with people in person.

  • Ethnographic research online method involves analyzing text and chat data.

Our Reseach service will help to grow your business and make desicion on subjective, expriences. 

Visual Data

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Visual data refers to the graphical representation of information, such as charts, graphs, maps, and other visual elements, that make data easier for the our clients to understand and interpret.

  • Offline methods for collecting visual data include observations, field notes, and photographs.
  • Online methods for collecting visual data include online observations, screenshots, and video recordings.

Our Reseachers use both online and offline methods for collecting visual data, by which businesses can gain insights into their customer base, improve their products and services, and make informed decisions based on subjective experiences and perspectives.


Participants Observation

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Observation is one of the traditional methods of qualitative data collection. Our Researchers use it to collect descriptive data by observing people and their behavior in events and natural environments.

There are 2 ways to observe:

  • Stealth: In this method, the observer is hidden without anyone knowing that he is being observed.
  • Obvious: This method makes everyone aware that they are being watched.

It is the best and most trusted collection method of qualitative data to generate Qualitative data as it requires equal to no effort from our clients. The data can be collected by Online and Offline soucre.  

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